Your Own Park Bench (Poem)

Your Own Park Bench

Come, Sit with Me For a Time…

Let’s take a walk, like we used to, arm in arm, happily; silly laughter at silly things that give way to less silly, harder, heavier ones and tears, usually mine, but sometimes yours too.

Let’s go watch the ducks float on the pond and listen to the people in the park.

Ask me anything.

Tell me everything.

We’ll sit silently if you wish.


Book Design and the Production of “Prelude”

I’d like to share my son, Braeden’s blog with you here within my own. I am in awe of my young man. I call him mine but I know better. He has blessed my life with every moment of his. I felt, I sensed, I knew, somehow, deep within me, from the first time I held him in my arms that his is a unique and special purpose on this planet. I have watched him pushed, pulled, molded as if by tides throughout his life and I continue to do so. He is strong, he is determined, he is real and he is dedicated to following his heart. It is something I have always encouraged him to do. Of course, as his mother I have my reservations (…as close to all of his camping spots as possible… haha!) but I trust him to follow what’s guiding him into this next great adventure and I will do my best to regain my trust that he will again return to my arms with stories and music and beautiful pictures and other artistic endeavors that have always taken my breath away and made me wonder at the great fortune I have had to be able to pretend he’s mine.