Birthday Buttons – The rest of the story

There is more to the story of Dannica’s Birthday Buttons.  I wanted to include everything in my previous post but I felt strongly about sharing what I could on her special day and  wanted to wait for the appropriate permissions to come before sharing the full story… the miracles involved.

Since my baby passed, miracles have become commonplace in my life.  I will never take them for granted, they will always take my breath away and bring my hands to my heart and my soul to its knees and I will forever bask in their warmth, their coolness, their peace; postcards from home while I’m here on Earth, at “Summer Camp.”


I saw a photo, similar to the one above, on a home page; something anyone would see when logging on to Etsy Thursday morning.  Generally, I move quickly past this page because I’m there to sell, not to buy and I usually click through to my own stats’n’stuff, only taking time to browse other shops after that.

I really could not take my eyes away from that beautiful tin and those beautiful buttons and they took me back to Dannica’s childhood button adventures instantly and fondly.  I felt her with me, beside me, in my left ear, up the left side of my face and into the crown of my head… tingling sensations of her presence, and her happiness, excitement, and her love.  Priceless!

Dannica’s Birthday, June 16, the details of this transaction between myself and Chickie became beautifully and brilliantly clear.  I had been tag-teamed by Angels.  This spontaneous purchase of antique buttons was a quantum setup between myself, my Dannica and Chickie, a lovely woman who’s also passed away and who’s Dear Ones have continued to honor her life through their own Etsy shop.


This is a photo of a beautiful young Chickie ❤

I sent a note to the shop owners to thank them and to let them know what a special gift this was and how pleased I am with it.  As I continued to look at the buttons and the little card that had been included; the birthday cupcake Thank You note from heaven.  I could almost hear the two of them giggling about it.  In the conversation that followed my purchase, I learned that Chickie’s birthday was June 13, three days before Dannica’s.

Love, Love, LOVE! to the Angelic Gemini twins.  How exciting and comforting it is to know that Dannica is continuing to enjoy the things she loved on earth from the other side.  She’s making good friends.  She’s happy.


I Believe in Miracles… Again.

I smile and shake my head as I say that because it’s something I’ve said before, many times, and yet, I forget about it and I need reminding and so I ask for another miracle, and I get it! I believe again. I wonder if simply writing it on my hand, or my wall, on a sticky note or in my planner, “I Believe in Miracles!” will ever serve as enough reminder to keep despair at bay. Somehow, I think not. Somehow, I think human beings are made to forget. So I will keep forgetting, I will keep asking for more, and I will keep being reminded that I do believe.

Last October, I discovered a remarkable book by New York Times best selling author, Pam Grout, entitled E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

I jumped right in with both feet, my wildest imagination and journal in tow. During the next few weeks, I experienced brilliant success with the first three experiments. It was quite exciting! Then mid November, and the first anniversary of Dannica’s passing again stopped everything for me. I set the book and my experiments aside and didn’t pick them up again until a week ago today. Chapter 4 again raised some questions in my mind that I’d had while reading other books about manifestation and the power of our thoughts to influence our realities. I don’t doubt we have that power at all, in fact, I embrace the idea entirely but when you lose a child, you see everything differently and it is constant work and conscious effort to reconcile things in this realm.

I am reblogging a post now from my new friend, Pam Grout. The photos are the most recent I have of my daughter, Dannica and the story is in Pam’s beautiful post. My interactions with this dear woman have reminded me not only that I believe in miracles but that we are all here, in some capacity, for each other. Life is *so* hard. How wonderful there are angels on earth as well as in Heaven.

Pam Grout

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
― J.K. Rowling


Death has a bad reputation. But I agree with J.K. Rowling.

We’re thrilled for our friends when they’re heading to say, Hawaii or the Caribbean. I posit that we can also be happy for our loved ones who are now able to be everywhere at once, who now know ONLY love.

I’m not suggesting it’s easy for those of still here on this limited physical plane to let go. I recently lost my precious step-daughter to H1N1 flu and not having her here to laugh (she had the BEST laugh) and to make her wicked funny jokes (I always thought she’d make a fabulous comedy writer) wouldn’t have been my first choice.

But I happen to know she’s still with us. It’s just that she’s now on a different frequency. And I had a fabulous reminder…

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