Dannica’s Ribbons

Your Own Park Bench

Come, Sit with Me For a Time…

Let’s take a walk, like we used to, arm in arm, happily; silly laughter at silly things that give way to less silly, harder, heavier ones and tears, usually mine, but sometimes yours too.

Let’s go watch the ducks float on the pond and listen to the people in the park.

Ask me anything.

Tell me everything.

We’ll sit silently if you wish.



One thought on “Dannica’s Ribbons

  1. I came by your house today to tell you how Dannica is and will always be my best friend.

    She helped me figure out my place in this crazy world.

    Still no one comes close to how loving she was. Typing this as tears hit the keyboard, The first time i saw Danni was at periwinkle park. we walked past each other and never lost eye contact,
    she was trying to hide her smirk. the next day we were at periwinkle again, we were both walking home from school and we ended up sitting on a bench and talking.

    she sent me right after her braces were off with the biggest happiest smile. Ill never forget it.

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