To the Dear Ones Who Comment

Thank you.  I so appreciate your comments.  I know I’m terrible at responding but when I’m done writing I feel so drained I need to step away.  I log on and I read the comments and I cry and feel connection and love and support from a family I don’t want to be a member of.  Then I feel guilty for not at least acknowledging those who reach out to comfort me or to share their own pain and process and I feel so much for you all in return; so much love, and I feel your pain and just like everyone else, I have no words.

Many have nominated me for this or that blogger award and I want you to know I am flattered, honored.  I don’t have the energy to participate.  My ego doesn’t need the strokes.  I’m too tired to “pay it forward.”  I know that sounds terribly selfish, but I’m doing this for me, for my own process, my own healing, my own discovery.  The fact that it’s actually touching other human souls touches my own human soul *deeply* and in a way, keeps me going.  I’m learning I’m not alone.  I’m learning others feel exactly as I do.

Thank you.  I hope you’ll keep talking to me even when I’m “one poor correspondent, and too, too hard to find.  It doesn’t mean you ain’t been on my mind.”

5 thoughts on “To the Dear Ones Who Comment

  1. Ditto on all of the above comments. I have just lately begun to feel okay about commenting, and much of the time I feel pressure (which is my problem) to respond promptly. It takes hours (days) sometimes to decide if what I’m about to say (or not say) to another one’s heart is going to be the right (or wrong) thing… And I’m already drained from the thinking, writing, reading… Now I see, it seems we all get this. We get it. Don’t reply to this (unless you want to). I just wanted to comment, and send a bit of peace your way.
    ~Deanna, fellow willower

  2. Do whatever works for you and if that stops working try something else. Going through this journey of grief does not have any rules (that I know of). Sending hope and hugs.

  3. It’s nice to get the comments, I love comments, someone commenting means what I said touched them and meant something, but that’s not why I write. You do what you do and don’t worry about the rest of us. Leave that up to God 😉

  4. Hey Melissa. Just keep writing and we’ll keep reading. What a truly terrible way to have met – to be a “family,” as you put it – but if we’ve got to go through this, better we do it together. Don’t feel guilty – don’t add that to your suffering. And I do know what you mean about the awards. I’ve not accepted any either, and not because I’m not grateful to have been considered. It’s a lot of work to accept, and I also don’t have the energy.

    Peace to you, friend. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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