Hollowed Out…


My beautiful daughter, Dannica, was killed in an auto accident, a head on collision, November 14, 2012.  Just over a month later, my heart is still broken, my spirit still weary, the strength I was complimented on having as we moved through the first weeks has vanished and now I just feel so sad and certainly not strong.  My hope is that writing about my feelings, asking my questions, venting my pain, will bring about healing and in the process, perhaps, become a glimmer of light on another’s path.  It’s a lonely, painful path to walk alone.

4 thoughts on “Hollowed Out…

  1. The beginning of your grief walk was my first ” birthing day ” without my beautiful baby son. He would have been 23 on Nov. 14 and I’m now quickly approaching the day I have dreaded all year…. January 18. I too have my faith to hold on to…. but this does not insulate me from the pain of burying my baby. It hurts so intensely at times, that I wonder at the body’s ability to contain all that pain. I am blessed to have a supportive but oh so grieving husband and three older children. Our daughter, who was our Jacob’s second mother, is a rock for me…. her grief mirrors my own without having to say a word. She is an elegant and expressive writer as you are. I just wanted to tell you that your messages reach down and touch my brokeness. We are all members in a “club” that no one wants to be included in…… thank you for sharing your walk.

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